About our group program

Are you a parent or carer of a primary aged child?

We believe in a whole family approach to health to make sure that our advice is achievable and supports a healthy lifestyle.

Our mission

Reliable information

Guidance for your family that is backed by research and evidence.

Free resources

Useful resources to help you understand and practice program lessons.

Lasting habits

Positive habits to help you live well now and into the future.

About Better Health Program

The group based program is run weekly at a local venue. It includes free resources, physical activity sessions for your child and family learning sessions that focus on healthy living.
Families learn exactly what Better Health Program is all about, meet your program leaders and other families doing the program.


Welcome to the program

Families learn about the five food groups and the difference between everyday and sometimes foods. Parents will also learn how to set SMART goals and how to use rewards.


Fitter, healthier, happier

Families set nutrition physical activity goals to work on. Parents and carers also find out how much physical activity and screen time is recommended for children.


Be a moving and grooving family

Families learn about why unprocessed foods are good for you. Parents and carers also learn how things in our environment can trigger health behaviours.


Processed vs unprocessed

Families learn about the different types of fats and sugars and which ones are good for us. Parents also learn how hunger, cravings, thoughts and feelings can trigger health behaviours.


Fats and sugars

Find out how to read food labels on packaged food and drinks. Practice together at the supermarket so you can make the best choices when food shopping.


Label reading

Families learn about recommended serve sizes from the five food groups. Parents also discuss bullying.


Ready, steady, eat

Families learn about tips and tricks to manage tricky situations like school lunches, birthday parties and eating out. Parents learn how to make family routines stick.


Tricky situations

Families play a game with a twist on who wants to be a millionaire to quiz them on all they’ve learn on the program so far. Parents learn how to use a problem-solving cycle.


Problem solving

Families celebrate their achievements of the 10-week program and set goals to continue working on for the future.


Congratulations and farewell!

Some of our program leaders


Bachelor of Nutrition Science

Naomi loves working with families to encourage and support them on their health journey. She also works as a research assistant at Telethon Kids Institute and is a mother of 3 kids. She enjoys gardening and being in nature.



Bachelor of Health Science, Graduate Certificate in Rural and Remote Health Practice, Certificate III & IV in Fitness

Beth loves supporting families to overcome barriers they face when trying to making positive changes. She is also a Health Promotion Officer facilitating sessions for disengaged youth.



Master of Public Health, Bachelor of Health Science

Bec loves empowering families to make healthy choices in a way that works for them. She also volunteers at The Pantry and is the Program Coordinator for a pilot program providing health education to older women.



Bachelor of Health Science Major in Nutrition

Sanela is passionate about promoting the healthy growth and development of children and families. Her other interests include the provision of nutrition advice and exploring the essence of the Mediterranean diet.



Bachelor of Health Science Nutrition

Ben seeks to empower children and their families with the knowledge they need to make healthy food choices to reach and maintain their best quality of life possible. Ben also enjoys hiking and riding his bike in his spare time.